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About Gutter Shell NE

A Message From Owners David Leib & Steven Lubarsky:

We’ve both worked in gutters and gutter protection for decades. During that time, we’ve seen a lot of different kinds of products and a lot of different ways to run a company.

Here is some of what we’ve learned:

Sell A Product That Doesn’t Let People Down – Gutter protection “solutions” are everywhere. Some are lousy. Some are good but not great. When we saw the design of Gutter Shell’s protection system and how well it works, we knew we’d found something great.

Honesty Works – Yes, you can fool some of the people some of the time, but we don’t like that way of doing business. We install an excellent product. If an issue comes up, we make it right. And we sleep well at night knowing we are doing right by our customers.

People Don’t Want The Best Price, They Want The Best Value – Do you want the absolute cheapest car you can buy? We’re guessing no. You want the car that delivers the most value to you – durable, runs correctly, and has the features you want.

It’s the same with gutter protection. Homeowners don’t want the cheapest, they want a lasting solution at a fair price. And that’s exactly what we give them.

Wstrong Gutter protection only works if installed with precision and attention to detail. That’s why we have always focused on hiring the best installers and then paying and treating them well.

Wstrong many of our guys have been installing gutters and gutter protection for a decade or more.

Run A Solid Business So You‘re Around If Your Customers Need You – We believe every business should stand behind their work. On the rare chance you have an issue, we want to be able to make it right.

Unfortunately, many gutter protection companies don’t operate this way. To give you an example, we get several calls every year about Clearwater Gutter Covers, which were sold from a kiosk at a membership wholesale club. Many homeowners have reported problems with this product. But that company is no longer in the area and the homeowners are stuck.

That’s one of the reasons we work very hard at running our business for the long haul – we want to always be there to stand behind our work and product.

We’re proud to be the owners of Gutter Shell of New England. If you want a company committed to integrity and installing the best product at a fair price, we’d love to meet with you and give you a free quote.

Call us to get started.