Beware Of Shady Gutter Cover Sales Tricks & Sloppy Installation
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Beware Of Shady Gutter Cover Sales Tricks & Sloppy Installation

Buying Gutter Filters In Shrewsbury and Westborough, MA Can Be A Surprisingly High-Pressure Experience… Here’s How To Avoid The Frustration.

You’d think getting gutter covers would be a pretty straightforward process. But you’d be surprised at how hard and frustrating the process can be—especially on the sales side of things.

Here are 4 things to watch out for when shopping for gutter filters in Westborough, MA and Shrewsbury, MA.

1. Fake Discounts

Fake discounts come in many shapes and forms. “Efficiency” discounts. “Act Now” discounts. AARP discounts. They all sound like big-time savings… but they’re usually sales tactics companies use to get you to buy from them. Typically, the company will inflate their prices and then “discount” that price to what it’s supposed to cost in the first place.

The best way to know if you’re being taken for a ride is to look at a company’s reputation. If they have a good Better Business Bureau rating, lots of great reviews, and a satisfied customer reference list, you can be almost positive that any discounts they give you are real.

2. Inexperienced Installers

Be careful of who is actually installing your gutter filters in Shrewsbury or Westborough, MA. It’s standard practice for shady companies to hire cheap, inexperienced day laborers to install your gutter filters. These day laborers are often uninsured and non-licensed. If a company tells you their installers have the proper certifications, ask to see proof. If they can’t provide it, then move on to the next company.

3. Inaccurate Estimates

This happens with every home improvement project, not just gutter filters. Oftentimes, the quote you get at the beginning of the project is NOT what you pay at the end. Whether intentional or not, contractors often make you pay a higher price than what they initially estimated. This could be due to a number of reasons, including change orders, miscalculations on the contractor’s part… or the result of something shadier. That’s why it’s a great idea to make sure the contractor installing your gutter filters gives you a GUARANTEED written quote before work begins.

4. Fine Print In The Guarantee

Many gutter filters in Shrewsbury and Westborough, MA come with No-Clog Guarantees. While this sounds great, there is a catch. Sure, your GUTTERS won’t clog—but the guarantee doesn’t say anything about the gutter filter itself.

For example, LeafFilter (a mesh-screen system that lays flat over your gutters) comes with a No-Clog Guarantee. This, however, applies only to the gutters—not the cover. Debris can build up on the screen and block water from entering your gutters, which is a problem not covered in the guarantee.

Bottom Line

Be careful when buying gutter filters in Westborough, MA and Shrewsbury, MA. There are a lot of companies out there looking to turn a profit… no matter what the cost. Before deciding on a company to install your gutters, do your due diligence—read their online reviews, look at their BBB rating, call their references (if they have any), and so on. Doing so will protect you from dishonest companies and help ensure you get great gutter filters for a fair price.

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