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‘Can You Give Me A Quote Over The Phone?’

Phone Quotes

The Reasons Why Phone Quotes Are Best Avoided.

We understand people are busy and that they often just want a quick answer over the phone: how much will this cost?

The problem is that phone quotes aren’t really a good idea for you or for us. Here are several reasons why:

Needs Assessment – Anyone who is a professional gutter protection expert should want to give you an accurate needs assessment before they give you a quote. For example, are your current gutters in good shape, or should they be replaced at the same time you add gutter protection?

Any good needs assessment will be based on a visual inspection.

Accuracy – Another reason to avoid phone quotes is quite simple. You want an accurate quote, and the only way to nail down a firm quote is for us to come to your home. This allows for accurate measurements and a complete grasp of the scope of the project.

Understanding Your Options – When we come to your home to give you a quote, we’ll show you different gutter protection options and allow you to compare them. The more you know, the more likely you are to make the decision that is right for you and your particular situation.

Knowing The Company – When it comes to home improvement, it’s best to find out up front what a company is like. Are they on time for the consultation? Do they have a deep knowledge of their product and a professional attitude?

These are all things you can determine by meeting with a company representative in person.

We advise you to be cautious of companies willing to quote over the phone. It increases your chances of receiving an inaccurate quote and a poor needs assessment.

Visit our Price Quote Request page. We’ll schedule a time convenient for you and get you a quote.