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Hands-On, LOCAL Ownership.

Better Communication

A Message from David Leib & Steven Lubarsky, Owners:

Like most small business owners, we have a lot of “sweat equity” in our company. We’ve always believed that the attitude and involvement of the owners determines the success or failure of a local small business.

That’s why we are fully dedicated to dealing directly with our customers. We are out meeting with homeowners every day, talking with them about gutter systems and their homes.

We want you to know that when you reach out to us, you’ll be talking with hands-on owners who enjoy talking with people. We don’t put layers of management between us and homeowners. And we never avoid concerns – we meet them head-on and make sure all our customers are treated fairly.

This dedication is why all our customers get a direct line to one of us. You can call us anytime with a concern or question. We promise a prompt and appropriate response.

This local, direct communication means you’ll never be stuck calling a 1-800 number. Or pressing a bunch of numbers on your phone just to try and get a simple answer.

More Communication

We also make sure we communicate when we are coming. Installation day won’t turn into an unpleasant surprise, with unknown workers just showing up at your house out of the blue. We’ll call ahead of time, confirm the day and time and let you know who will be coming.

You will also be able to communicate easily with our workers. Our installers don’t have any language barriers to overcome. You’ll be able to get your questions answered without having to figure out how to say it.

Avoid The Extremes

Our local, hands-on ownership will help you avoid two common problems.

One is the “business” that is really just a guy and his truck. Even aside from the fact that these guys usually don’t know enough about gutters, they typically are not good at showing up on time or properly scheduling jobs. If they get in over their heads, they stop returning calls.

The other extreme is the company that is so big they claim to do everything well. Often these companies don’t have a single person who will take specific accountability for your project. You’re left wondering who to call and if you’ll get an appropriate response.

With us, those concerns go away. It is our firm promise that when you reach out to us – the owners – you’ll get a fast, appropriate response.

We’d love to talk directly to you about your gutter protection needs. Give us a call.