Gutter Cover Wars: Gutter Shell vs. LeafFilter
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Gutter Cover Wars: Gutter Shell vs. LeafFilter

Leaf Filter vs. Guttershell

Which Gutter Cover Delivers The Best Protection for Homeowners in Shrewsbury… LeafFilter or Gutter Shell?

The war for gutter cover supremacy wages on. In this article, we look at which gutter protection system is better for homeowners in Shrewsbury—LeafFilter or Gutter Shell.

LeafFilter is a very popular gutter screen in Shrewsbury… but is it better than Gutter Shell? Let’s find out…

Battle One: Price

LeafFilter: LeafFilter is a simple gutter filter with a metal mesh screen. As such, it’s one of the cheaper gutter filters you can find in Shrewsbury.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell a high-quality hooded system made of premium parts. The higher quality materials mean that Gutter Shell requires a slightly higher investment than LeafFilter (but will last you much, much longer).

Battle Two: Performance

LeafFilter: The mesh screen on LeafFilter does a decent job of keeping debris out of your gutters. The problem, however, is that the debris sits on top of LeafFilter’s screen, since it lays flat. During heavy downpours, this debris will block water from entering your gutters; it will instead cascade over the sides of your gutters, potentially causing foundation issues and flooding.

Gutter Shell: Since Gutter Shell is sloped, debris rolls right off it. The system’s patented double-drip design uses surface tension to ensure water flows only into your gutters during even the heaviest rain.

Battle Three: Upkeep

LeafFilter: For Shrewsbury homeowners, cleaning debris out of gutters is a huge hassle. The mesh screen on LeafFilter does a decent job of keeping debris out of your gutters, but there’s a catch. Since LeafFilter lays flat on your gutters, leaves and debris can pile on top of it. You have to clean off the debris on a regular basis, which, let’s face it, defeats the point of a gutter cover.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell is sloped, so debris rolls right off it. No need to get on a ladder and clean off the system—an occasional spray with a hose is all the upkeep Gutter Shell requires.

The Victor: Gutter Shell

Mesh gutter screens for the Shrewsbury just can’t hack it. Yes, they’re relatively inexpensive. But they can’t handle heavy rains, require a lot of maintenance, and tend to breakdown within a few years.

Gutter Shell is a little more money upfront, but it performs the way you need it to. It withstands the most severe weather, requires practically zero maintenance, and comes with a No-Clog Guarantee for life.

For more information about why Gutter Shell is the best gutter cover for Shrewsbury homeowners, click here. And if you missed the first round of Gutter Cover Wars, in which we compare Gutter Shell and LeafGuard, click here.

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