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Combat Ice In And Around Your Gutters Even In The Bitter Cold Of A New England Winter

We’ve Got Ways To Help Prevent Ice Damming Too

Heat Wires

If you are looking for a worry-free, hassle-free way to battle the icy effects of a New England winter on your gutters and roof edges, we’ve got expert solutions we can professionally install.

While you’re inside warm and safe, the system we install will help prevent ice damming and icy gutters.

Our solution uses self-regulating heat wires that work in conjunction with built-in snow and ice detectors. The system knows the amount of heat to keep the water and snow in your gutters from turning to an icy hardness.

This system is safe to install and the heat wires are easily adjusted to the custom lengths needed for your particular home.

Ice Damming

Have you ever seen or experienced an icy build-up at a roof’s edge? It can damage your roof and your gutters. It is also potentially unsafe below if that ice falls off your roof in chunks.

We have a safe, effective way to combat ice damming. (By the way, never let anyone take an ax up to your roof to crack the ice loose. It sounds crazy, but that is what some people offer to do. It is very unsafe for the person and also risks damaging your roof).

We use the most effective, least invasive system on the market. A unique, thin heating panel is installed invisibly underneath your shingles. This system uses a proprietary adhesive system that creates a bond that is as strong as the original design of the shingles.

The bottom line is you get a safe, effective ice prevention system installed professionally and you get peace-of-mind for your roof, your gutters, and your home.

Please note that no system can prevent everything when it comes to weather extremes. But with Heat Wires, you’ll be prepared to fend off most any ice and snow problem.

Would you like to learn about what solution we can custom install for your home? We’d be happy to give you a free consultation so you can gather the information you need to make an educated decision. Give us a call.