Assessing 3 Of The Most Popular Gutter Covers.
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Assessing 3 Of The Most Popular Gutter Covers.

What Is The Out-And-Out Best Gutter Protector For Areas Like Lexington, MA & Acton, MA… LeafFilter, LeafGuard, Or Gutter Shell?

Let’s face it: There are a LOT of choices when it comes to gutter protection.

So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to evaluate three of the most popular gutter filters in cities like Acton, MA and Lexington, MA: LeafGuard, LeafFilter, and Gutter Shell.

All three are extremely popular gutter protection systems, but we’ll break down each’s price, performance, and durability to show you which one is worth your money.

Let’s get started…


LeafFilter: In Acton MA, Lexington MA, and the surrounding areas, LeafFilter is one of the cheapest gutter protection systems. It’s a simple mesh screen (similar to a window screen), so it won’t break the bank. That said, it tends to break down the quickest out of the three gutter covers because of its lower-quality parts.

LeafGuard: On the other end of the price spectrum is LeafGuard. Homeowners in Acton MA, Lexington MA, and surrounding areas can expect to pay a pretty penny for the LeafGuard system, since it’s all one big piece—gutter cover, downspouts, and eaves troughs. This makes LeafGuard the least price-friendly gutter cover, unless you need new gutters and downspouts.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell is in the creamy middle in terms of price. It’s built with better quality parts than LeafFilter, so it’s costs a little more up front (but it lasts MUCH longer). Plus, it’s a cover-only system, meaning you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a complete system like LeafGuard.


LeafFilter: Out of the three gutter covers, LeafFilter is the weakest link in terms of performance. LeafFilter lays flat on your gutters, so leaves and debris can (and will) build up on it. This blocks water from entering your gutters, which can cause spillage and water damage to your home. Some LeafFilter customers also mention that the holes in the system’s mesh screen are so small that heavy rains bounce right off it.

LeafGuard: LeafGuard is sloped and relies surface tension to force water around its curved nose and into the gutters. It provides good protection against debris, and it handles normal rainfall well; however, LeafGuard’s single-drop system (which means there’s just one opening for water to enter) allows water to fly over the system in heavy storms.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell is sloped like LeafGuard, so that leaves, debris, and snow roll right off. The key difference is that Gutter Shell is a double-drop system, so water has TWO openings in which to enter. This is why Gutter Shell performs much better than LeafGuard during particularly bad rainstorms.


LeafFilter: Lexington, MA-area homeowners better get their ladders ready if they go with LeafFilter. LeafFilter’s flat installation is prone to debris buildup… the exact thing you’re trying to avoid in buying gutter protection the first place.

LeafGuard: A strong, sturdy design means LeafGuard lasts homeowners a long time. Its sloped installation means that it doesn’t need much cleaning beyond and occasional hosing. But be warned: since LeafGuard is one big piece, you may have to replace the entire system (including downspouts and eaves troughs) if something breaks. That’s a heavy burden on your wallet.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell comes with a No-Clog Guarantee. It’s sloped like LeafGuard, so there’s no need to climb a ladder to clean it. Gutter Shell is basically maintenance free for life.

The Winner: Gutter Shell

The bottom line: LeafFilter doesn’t stand up to the harsh weather and requires a lot of cleaning; LeafGuard is impractical and unnecessarily expensive for most people. Gutter Shell, however, is the perfect gutter cover in terms of price, performance, and upkeep. It’s absolutely the best gutter cover for those looking to prevent their gutters from clogging.

If you’d like to know more about why Gutter Shell is the absolute best choice for gutter covers, click here to find out more. You’ll see no other gutter protection system withstands New England’s nastiest weather like Gutter Shell.

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