Evaluating The Most Popular Gutter Protection Systems In Rhode Island.
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Evaluating The Most Popular Gutter Protection Systems In Rhode Island.

What Is The Absolute Best Gutter Cover In Providence, RI…
LeafFilter, LeafGuard, Or Gutter Shell?

In this article, we examine three of the most well-known gutter protection systems in Providence, RI: LeafGuard, LeafFilter, and Gutter Shell.

By looking at these gutter covers in important areas like cost, performance, and durability, we’ll help you decide which is the best for your home and budget.


LeafFilter: Providence, RI homeowners will find that LeafFilter is one of the cheaper gutter protectors on the market because it’s made with a simple mesh cover. The “ho hum”-quality parts, however, can lead to problems, since LeafFilter tends to develop problems much more quickly than gutter covers that cost a little more up front.

LeafGuard: At the other side of the price scale is LeafGuard. Providence, RI homeowners have to shell out A LOT of money for LeafGuard, as it’s a total gutter system (cover, eaves troughs, and downspouts). This makes sense if you need a completely new gutter system, but it’s impractical if your existing gutters are in good shape.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell is roughly in the middle price range for gutter cover systems. Gutter Shell is made with premium parts, so it costs a little more up front than “budget-priced” systems, but it lasts much longer.


LeafFilter: LeafFilter keeps debris out of your gutters reasonably well. But since LeafFilter lays flat, some debris gets stuck on top of the mesh screen. This blocks water from entering your gutters, so it flows over lands near your home’s foundation.

LeafGuard: LeafGuard is a surface-tension system. It’s sloped and has a curved nose that the water follows down and around into your gutters. LeafGuard keeps debris out of your gutters well, and it holds up respectably against normal rainstorms. The problem is when heavy rain hits. Since LeafGuard has just one opening, excess water can fly over the opening if there is too much water.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell is also a sloped surface tension gutter cover. The difference between it and LeafGuard is that Gutter Shell is a double-drop system. This means it has two openings to allow in water, instead of just one. Gutter Shell has been tested to withstand heavy rainfall much better than single-drop surface tension systems like LeafGuard.

Cleaning & Durability

LeafFilter: Providence, RI homeowners who install LeafFilter are often disappointed to find out that their days of climbing a ladder to clean their gutters are NOT over. Since LeafFilter lays level over your gutters, there’s nowhere for the debris that lands on it to go. As a result, you have to manually clean the debris off the LeafFilter regularly, so it doesn’t block water from entering your gutters.

LeafGuard: Unlike LeafFilter, LeafGuard is a sloped cover system. This allows debris to roll right off. LeafGuard also built to last for a while, but watch out… if just one piece breaks beyond repair, you’ll have to shell out money for the cover, downspouts, AND gutters.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell is also a sloped cover system, so it requires no maintenance besides a spray down with a hose. In addition, t’s much less expensive to repair and replace it than LeafGuard, as it’s a cover-only system.

The Winner: Gutter Shell

LeafFilter has too many perfromance problems, and LeafGuard is too expensive and impractical. Gutter Shell, however, has the ideal price point, performance, and upkeep for homeowners looking for gutter covers in Providence, RI. That’s why we declare Gutter Shell the winner of this comparison.

If you’d like to know more about why Gutter Shell is the absolute best choice, click here to find out more. You’ll see no other gutter protection system withstands New England’s nastiest weather like Gutter Shell.

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