Which Gutter Protection System Performs Better for Homeowners in Needham… LeafGuard or Gutter Shell?
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Which Gutter Protection System Performs Better for Homeowners in Needham… LeafGuard or Gutter Shell?

Want to know what’s the right gutter cover to get for your home? In this article, we determine which gutter cover is better for homeowners in Needham—LeafGuard or Gutter Shell. Both are popular types of gutter protection in this area. But is one REALLY better?

Let’s find out…


LeafGuard: For homeowners in Needham, LeafGuard is one of the most expensive gutter protection systems around. That’s because it is what’s known as a “one-piece gutter system,” and includes a cover, downspouts, and eaves troughs. This is ideal if you need new eaves troughs and downspouts, but is unnecessarily expensive and wasteful if you don’t.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell is a cover-only system, so it’s substantially less of an investment than LeafGuard (though Gutter Shell has actually tested to perform BETTER). And since it’s made with high-quality parts, though, Gutter Shell is a little bit more money than “budget-priced” gutter covers like LeafFilter. That said, Gutter Shell will last you much longer than gutter filters on the low end of the price scale.


LeafGuard: LeafGuard performs pretty well during the common rainstorm. Its curved nosed and reliance on surface tension allows mild to moderate rain to enter your gutters without a problem. Heavy downpours, though, are where things get a little dicey. Since there is just one small opening for water to go through, too much rain at once can cause a “waterfall” effect. This means that water goes right past LeafGuard’s opening and onto the ground around your home (NOT good for your home’s foundation and basement).

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell is also a surface tension system, but it has two openings for water instead of one. This double-drop system withstands the heaviest downpours—if the first opening doesn’t catch the water, the second one will. That’s why Needham homeowners tend to find Gutter Shell more reliable.


LeafGuard: Needham owners can rest assured that LeafGuard is a strong system that requires little maintenance other than the occasional hose down. The only problem with LeafGuard in this category is that if one part of it breaks down beyond repair, you have to install all new gutters, downspouts, and covers. That’s a potentially huge expense that scares off many homeowners.

Gutter Shell: Gutter Shell is a strong, robust gutter cover that will last for life. Like LeafGuard, it needs no maintenance other a spray from a hose every now and then. And since it’s a cover-only system, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg in the rare instance it does break down beyond repair.

The Winner: Gutter Shell

For homeowners deciding between Gutter Shell and LeafGuard in Needham, it’s no contest—Gutter Shell wins, hands down. It’s affordable, performs spectacularly, and is guaranteed to last for life.

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