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Which Leaf Filter is Right?


Leaf filter Shrewsbury

Your gutters are more important to your house than you might initially think. Without them, water could run straight from your roof to your home’s foundation, possibly causing damage. However, gutters aren’t as effective if they get clogged with roof debris and leaves. To make sure that your gutters keep functioning the way they’re supposed to, look at a leafguard in Lexington, MA.

The type of leafguard you get depends on what you want it to do, as well as what you’re looking to install. Foam or brush inserts sit inside your gutters and trap debris above while letting water filter through. You may be able to install some kinds yourself but better quality inserts usually are bought and installed through a company. While this kind of guard is effective at keeping debris out of your gutters, you may find that it inhibits water flow when there’s a lot of debris on top. Sometimes it requires more frequent maintenance as well.

Another kind of leafguard in Lexington, MA, a mesh screen, is typically more effective at both keeping debris out of your gutters and preventing rainwater from spilling over your roof. The mesh screen filters debris out of rainwater by sitting atop gutters and usually keeps out even finer types of debris, such as pine needles and sand. This option tends to be higher priced and needs to be professionally installed for the best results.

Gutter guards also excel at ensuring rainwater stays in your gutters while debris stays out. They come in different styles with the same basic design—they have a solid cover over your gutters and filter debris through perforations in the troughs. Some gutter guards are designed to keep rainwater in through surface tension, with each raindrop adhering to the others.

Before you buy a leafguard in Lexington, MA, consider how well it will repel debris and control rainwater. Any product you buy should be affordable, easy for you to maintain and a good investment for your house.

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