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3 Ways a Gutter Cover Protects Your Home


Gutter Covers in Providence, RI

Many people think that a gutter cover only prevents things from accumulating in your gutters. This is a tragic myth that causes gutter covers to seem less important than they really are. Gutter covers in Providence, RI can safeguard many parts of your house.

1. Gutters

When leaves and twigs build up in your gutters, they can do much more damage than just slow down the flow of water. Natural debris tends to remain moist and damp, allowing rust and mold to ruin the gutters. If allowed to significantly accumulate, the weight of soggy leaf piles can warp or even break the gutters. In the winter, icicles and chunks of ice in your gutters can cause them to collapse.

2. Roof

During heavy rainfalls, the water that should go down your gutter can end up overflowing onto the roof if the gutter is clogged. This can ruin your shingles and cause gaps to form in between them in the winter when the water freezes. If this type of damage goes unnoticed, it can become necessary to replace entire portions of your roof which can be expensive. Having gutter covers can keep your gutters from clogging up in the first place.

3. Walls

When a gutter becomes blocked with debris, the water has to go somewhere. Most people dont realize that it usually ends up running down the walls of your house. Not just the exterior walls, but it can seep into the inner walls as well, where it can do massive damage to the structural integrity of your house without your knowledge. Damp, weakened homes are prime targets for a termite infestation.

You can defend your home against these and other damages that can be very costly by installing gutter covers in Providence, RI. Homes in areas like this that see plenty of rain and ice are prone to gutter damage and the odds increase that your house could suffer without the aid of gutter covers.