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The 4 Parts of Leaf Filter


how it works

If you have gutters, you know that leaves and debris can wreak havoc on the system. Without some sort of gutter protection or leaf filter in Acton, MA, you can end up with gutters that are clogged and leaky. There are a lot of different gutter protection systems that you can choose from. A leaf filter system is made up of four different parts that all work together to ensure that your gutters stay in working order for a longer time.

1. Drip Edge

The drip edge is at the front of this particular gutter protection system. It helps keep the front of the gutter clean. Leaves and other debris are directed over the edge while the water goes into the gutter itself.

2. Vinyl Body

The vinyl body is used to support the top mesh screen. It is made of unplasticized poly vinyl chloride (uPVC), which is a material often used in exterior home fixes. In order to help water get into the gutters, this rigid body has slots throughout.

3. Mesh Screen

On top of the vinyl body is a mesh screen that makes up the leaf filter in Acton, MA. This is a micro mesh material that will only allow water to get into your gutters. This type of material will not rust and is not hospitable for the growth of organic materials.

4. I-Beam

Finally, this gutter protective system has I-beams placed throughout the gutters in order to add extra stability to the protective system. This extra support ensures that the system and the gutters will not collapse under heavy loads.

In order to know which type of gutter protection system is right for you, you have to learn a little bit about each one. You can talk to professionals to learn more about the leaf filter in Acton, MA, and other gutter protection systems. And then you will be able to make an informed decision and pick the best product for your needs.

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