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Keep the Leaves Out of Your Gutters


Gutter Filter Acton MA

This time of year, your gutters will swiftly fill up with leaves and you’ll have to pull out the ladder on a regular basis to prevent clogs. This chore gets time-consuming, though, and when you live in an area with lots of trees, it quickly becomes tedious. Instead of climbing on the ladder to clear out the leaves and other debris, consider speaking to a company about installing a gutter filter in Acton, MA.

Gutter filters fit inside any kind of gutter and usually keep pine needles and leaves, as well as other types of large debris, out of your gutters. Some kinds also keep smaller debris like buds and seeds out so they don’t become a problem in the spring. When treated, gutter filters repel insects and resist mold as well so that they last longer. They fit snugly inside your gutter so that from below, you usually can’t tell there’s a filter.

A gutter filter in Acton, MA also helps keep rainwater from splashing out. It typically comes in two different styles, a half round profile and a k style. The half round profile lets water flow through on the bottom, while the k style is angled so that water flows on one side of the gutter. Both are designed to trap any debris in the filter on top so that rainwater flows unimpeded to the drainpipe. You may also find some gutter filters that are designed for specific results. A u-shaped filter, for example, allows water to flow on both sides so that it drains faster during heavier rainfalls. Some companies utilize a design that allows raindrops to cling to your gutters so that it doesn’t splash over the edges.

When selecting a gutter filter, remember to take your landscaping into consideration, as the types of trees you have may affect what kind you want. No matter which design you opt for, consider a gutter filter in Acton, MA to keep you off your ladder this fall.

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