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Gutter Filter Guidance


Gutter Filter Westborough MA

An abundance of trees make autumn in New England come alive with vibrant color as the leaves change with the season. However, an abundance of leaves in your gutters is anything but beautiful. With an average annual rain fall of 46 inches and an average annual snow fall of 56 inches, keeping your gutters clean is an absolute necessity. The question is whether or not a gutter filter in Westborough, Massachusetts is the right choice.

Gutters channel water into downspouts where it flows onto the ground and away from your home. When gutters or downspouts fill will leaves and other debris, water runs over the gutter edge which can damage eaves, siding and foundations. Gutter filters are one potential solution to this problem. Filters come in the forms of foam and brushes, both of which are inserted into existing gutters. Each is designed to block debris while allowing water to flow freely through the gutter and into the downspout. With foam inserts, the intention is to prevent clogs by having leaves and debris travel over the gutter and onto the ground while brush filters are designed to trap debris before it enters the gutters and causes a clog. However, a gutter filter in Westborough Massachusetts might not be the best option.

With foam inserts, leaves and debris can rest on top of the filter causing water to flow over the gutter rather than into it, and while bottle brush type filters allow water to flow freely through the gutter, they also trap the debris in the bristles where it decomposes causing a residue to build up which can lead to clogging. Both foam and brush inserts require occasional cleaning and, because they offer only limited protection, a gutter filter in Westborough Massachusetts should be used in conjunction with a gutter cover to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum cleaning and maintenance.

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