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Gutter Screens: Know What You’re Getting


Gutter screens Providence RI

Most people would love to never have to clean their gutters or, at the very least, to have to clean them less often. One of the most popular solutions to the gutter cleaning issue is gutter screens, but depending on the climate and the precipitation common to the environment in which you live, they may actually create more work for you. When contemplating gutter screens in Providence Rhode Island, there are several factors to consider.

First, it is necessary to understand what gutter screens are and what type of protection they provide. Designed to sit on top of your gutters, screens are most commonly constructed of metal, plastic or micromesh materials. The next consideration is pricing as these products range from extremely low cost, do-it-yourself packages to quite expensive custom installed micromesh varieties. It is also important to know the drawbacks in the performance of gutter screens in Providence Rhode Island. While the micromesh’s extremely tight weave repels the most debris, there is a tendency for larger debris to stick to the top of the mesh screen preventing water from flowing into the gutters, and the larger openings in the less expensive metal and plastic screens have a tendency to allow dirt, pine needles, seed pods and other smaller debris to get in the gutters causing clogs. Finally, while all types of screens may mean less debris in your gutters, the screens themselves often require regular cleaning for optimum performance.

For individuals who live in regions with light precipitation and few trees, screens can be a viable option for maintaining gutter performance. However, in areas with a large variety and number of trees and where regular rainy and snowy seasons occur, a more advanced solution, such as gutter covers, should be considered. For instance, there are much better options than gutter screens in Providence Rhode Island and throughout New England.

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