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Top Reasons Why Foam Gutter Fillers Are Not the Best Choice


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A gutter filter in Lexington, MA can be a wonderful addition to your home. A gutter filter or shell is great because it allows water runoff to enter your homes gutters the way it is supposed to but keeps out debris and other elements that may clog or damage your gutters. A gutter shell is a good way to go for a gutter filter, but a foam filter is simply not the best option.

Most Foam Gutter Filters Do not

Last While traditional gutter shells often come with a relatively lengthy guarantee, foam gutter filter inserts rarely last more than a year or two, in spite of their often being advertised has having a 5- to 10-year guarantee. In the long run, a foam gutter filter is not an economical choice.

Foam Gutter Inserts Trap Debris

On the surface, this may sound like a good idea. The point of a gutter filter is to prevent debris from building up in your rain gutters. However, a high-quality gutter filter in Lexington, MA will allow the debris to blow or fall off, not just sit atop the filter forever. Foam inserts trap the debris. Ultimately, this creates the same problem as debris in your gutters the water cannot drain into the gutter and run off your home appropriately. Your gutters remain clogged.

Foam Gutter Filter Inserts Are Generally Not UV Protected or Protected Against Mold or Mildew

It is easy to see where this leads. A lack of protection from the suns ultraviolet rays means that foam will break down fairly quickly. No protection against mildew and mold means that your gutter filter will likely be a disgusting mold-ridden mess in short order.

While many people would benefit from a gutter filter in Lexington, MA homes, foam gutter fillers are not the best choice in most cases.