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Avoid Serious Injury While Cleaning Your Gutters

Posted on January 30, 2018

Gutter Screens in Worcester, MA

Depending on which source you consult, an estimated 28,000 homeowners injure themselves every year while trying to clean their own gutters. Several hazards can contribute to your risk of accidents, so it's important to practice safety precautions while performing this kind of maintenance. Moreover, installing residential gutter screens in Worcester, MA, can also cut back on the chance you'll hurt yourself.

How Sturdy Is Your Ladder?

When you're climbing up to clean leaves or other debris from your gutters, you can't afford to have your ladder fail. Placing it on uneven ground or insecurely positioning it against your roof or gutter significantly increases your risk of falling. Furthermore, ladders lacking structural stability or that have worn out over time can also give out and cause you to tumble.

Electrical Wiring Can Cause More Injuries

Although you shouldn't have exposed electrical wires around your property in the first place, it's not uncommon for homeowners taking a spill from a ladder to quickly try to grab onto anything to break their falls—including wires. Impact trauma is already painful, but adding electrocution to the list makes things much worse.

Be Sure to Dress Right for the Job

When you're climbing ladders for this dirty, time-consuming job, make sure you dress properly. This includes a pair of thick work gloves, sturdy shoes and steering clear of loose or baggy clothing.

Gutter Screens Make Your Life Easier

Of course, installing gutter screens in Worcester, MA, means that you won't have to climb ladders or take these kinds of risks to begin with. If you want to save yourself some labor, look for versions that feature an "S-drop" design. This permits water to flow from one segment to another, while using an exterior shield to keep leaves, pine needles and other debris out.

Don't become one of the thousands of people who hurt themselves every year trying to perform maintenance on their gutters. Be sure to use a dependable ladder and dress properly for the task. Alternatively, installing gutter screens in Worcester, MA, can save you backbreaking labor and keep you safe.

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