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Leaves Are Falling. Are You Ready?

Posted on September 5, 2017

Leafguard in Lexington, MA

Fall is coming and soon leaves will be changing colors and fluttering gently to the ground. Unfortunately, not all of those leaves make it to the ground. Some of them end up in your gutter, clogging it and causing all kinds of problems. Installing a leafguard in Lexington, MA can help. With a leafguard there will be no more climbing, no more clogging and no more worries.

Every fall, you likely find yourself dragging out the ladder to climb onto the roof and clean the gutters. This can be hard on the knees and, if you're scared of heights, your heart. By installing a leafguard in Lexington, MA your gutters will be protected by an ingeniously engineered product that keeps the leaves out while allowing water to flow through freely. Then, the only reason you will need to get your ladder out in the fall is to hang the Christmas lights before it gets too cold.

Not only do leaves in the gutter require you to get out your ladder and climb, they are also slimy and messy to clean out and can cause problems when it rains. The leaves get wet and become packed in the gutter. Then, as the water tries to drain, the leaves get into the drain pipe where they can be even harder to clean out. If the gutter gets too full it may overflow forcing the water to run down your house, ruining the exterior of your home. If the gutter freezes while it is still full, that ice could expand on the edge of the roof, breaking your shingles and causing permanent damage.

While there is a moderate expense to adding leafguards to your gutters, the cost is minor compared to the damage and work that not having them can cause. Using a leafguard in Lexington, MA may be worth every penny.

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