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The Challenges of Protecting Your Gutters

Posted on August 8, 2017

Gutter Covers in Shrewsbury, MA

You may not give much thought to your gutters or gutter covers--at least while they're working properly. But when you're looking for gutter covers in Shrewsbury, you might find that your options are more numerous and complex than you expected. Every common style of gutter cover has both strengths and weaknesses.

Screens are probably the most common type of gutter covers. They aren't hard to install and they can be fairly economical. However, they don't work as well in some regions of the country where pine needles or small seeds are a problem, since these can cause clogs. Screens can also be tricky to clean and don't always stand up well to the elements, depending on their material. If you have anything except larger leaves falling onto your roof, you might not be satisfied with screen gutter guards.

Solid gutter caps slide under your roofing material and extend out over the gutter itself to form a cap. The cap has a rounded area called a nose, and because of surface tension, water will adhere to it and flow into the gutter--in theory. If it rains heavily, however, the surface tension is broken and these caps don't work as well. The caps also have to be at an optimum angle to your roof, so the company that installs your gutter covers in Shrewsbury might have to rehang your gutters if you choose this option.

Foam gutter guards are simple to install and can filter out even small debris like seeds. Unfortunately, the tiny bits of debris that are filtered out accumulate on the surface of the foam. Eventually, that means clogs, which can lead to water going where it isn't supposed to go.

As you can see, there are pros and cons with each option. When you're looking for a company that installs gutter covers in Shrewsbury, ask them for a consultation and inquire about what styles they install and can recommend given your roof, the type of debris you get, and the rainfall in your area.

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