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Why You Need Gutter Screens

Posted on October 04, 2017

Gutter Screens in Needham, MA

Your home gutters are just one piece of a complex system that moves water around your property so it drains correctly and causes minimal damage. So, how do you keep your gutters from damage? Gutter screens in Needham, MA have a variety of benefits that can increase the life of your gutters. Here is a look at the top four.

Prevent Freezing

When water is trapped in your gutter, it can freeze in the winter. Since water expands as it freezes, this can damage your gutters and lead to costly replacements. With gutter screens, the rain and sleet that fall into your gutters is spread out more uniformly which prevents blockage and reduces the chance of freezing.

Easy Maintenance

Adding a gutter shield doesn't mean you never need to look at your gutters again. Some minor maintenance is still needed, but it's nothing so extensive as cleaning out pounds of dead leaves, sticks and critter nests.

Fire Protection

Floating embers that catch a home on fire are usually the result of dry debris in the gutters. Gutter screens in Needham prevent this buildup of debris which reduces your fire risk. Whether brush fires are common in your area or not, this risk reduction is important to keeping your family and property safe.

Fewer Insects

Another result of debris in your gutter is the increased chance spiders and bugs will nest there. If insects or other critters make nests in your gutters, it puts them one step closer to getting inside. Leave these pests no place to live when gutter screens block access.

Protect your home today with some gutter screens in Needham. This home attachment can reduce your risk of fire or damage from ice and gives pests fewer places to nest by your home. Shielding your gutters also means less maintenance, so this product is worth considering if you don't have one already.

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