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Gutter Protection FAQ

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Can my gutters still clog if I get gutter protection installed?

It depends what you choose to have installed. With our solution, there are no worries, because Gutter Shell has a 100% clog-free lifetime guarantee. There are other gutter protection options that do end up clogging – be sure to do your homework on any option you are considering.

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What is a ‘double-drop’ system?

A double-drop gutter system works on the principles of water tension and adhesion. In the Gutter Shell system, there are two places where the water can drop in the gutter, while still keeping even fine debris out. Because of this ‘double-drop,’ our system is better able to handle heavy rainfall without concern about water ‘flyover.’

There are other systems out there that work using water tension, but they are single drop systems – they have only one opening where the water gets in. Gutter Shell is the only double-drop system available. The design is good and unique that it is patented – no one can copy it.

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Do you have any references?

We sure do. In fact, we’ve got lots of happy customers and the proof to back it up. We have a complaint-free record and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, an Angie’s List SuperService Award, and excellent online reviews. Please visit our Reputation page to learn more.

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Will I still get icicles with the Gutter Shell system?

We don’t know of any gutter protection system that can claim to completely eliminate problems with ice, especially with the severe winters we often get in New England. But we do know that Gutter Shell protection does help protect your gutters and in many cases can prevent icicles and ice damming.

As an example, we recently had a customer that had us install Gutter Shell on only some of his gutters. He found that the protected gutters did not have icicles, and the unprotected did. He later called us to install Gutter Shell on the rest of his gutters.

We also can add Heat Wires to your gutter system as an additional layer of protection against ice. Visit our Heat Wires page for more information.

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We make it very easy to apply for a payment plan.

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Can I hire Gutter Shell of New England to clean my gutters?

We do not clean gutters as a stand-alone service. However, a gutter cleaning comes standard before we install Gutter Shell. We’ll clean your gutters one last time, install our system, and then you’ll never have to worry about them clogging again.

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Do you service Commercial Accounts?

Yes, we can set-up a contract to perform regular gutter maintenance for your business. Visit our Commercial Accounts page for more information.

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